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   The town of Hora is the capital of Andros island. The visitor will find a nostalgic atmosphere between the modern way of living and the old traditional way of life.
   The things that mostly stand-out, are the museums and the cultural centres which will leave the visitor with the feeling of beauty and culture.
   The main street is situated only a few meters away from Andria suites . There is a flowering market with all kind of shops which will satisfy the taste of every visitor.
   There are traditional and modern coffee and confectionary shops, selling the famous sweets of Andros such as “kaltsounia” and “amygdalota”.
   The visitor will find memorable the walks and visits to the Lower Castle (“Kato Kastro”) with the medieval Venetian houses, as well as the visit to the Unknown Sailor’s Square (“Platia Afanous Nafti) with the ruins of the Venetian castle called “Mesa Kastro”.
   For swimming, one can choose one of the two beautiful beaches called “Nimporio” and “Paraporti”. Close-by, near the village of Stenies, there are the beaches of “Gialia” and “Piso Gialia”.
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Distance from port of Rafina: 37 kmiles
Island area: 380 km2
Main port: GAVRION
Capital: HORA
MEDICAL CENTRE:   22823 60000
POLICE:                  22820 22300
PORT AUTHORITY:   22820 22250

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